Real estate and business professional Chad Roffers maintains an active lifestyle through a number of sports, including tennis. Like all sports, tennis poses the risk of injury. Below, Mr. Roffers discusses tennis elbow, one of the most common tennis-related injuries. 

Tennis elbow is caused by repeated stress on the muscles of the arm and wrist, which results in microscopic tears and pain in the outer elbow. To avoid these tears, players should always stretch before a match and seriously consider wearing an elbow brace or sleeve. Tennis elbow sometimes results from poor stroke formation. If possible, the player may want to consult with a professional trainer to ensure proper technique. Sometimes, equipment is to blame, especially if the player uses a heavy racket or especially heavy balls.

Traditionally, treating tennis elbow involves regular icing, rest, and the use of ibuprofen or other mild anti-inflammatory medications. Players may also want to investigate alternatives such as splinting or acupuncture.

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